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Loudly ring the Bong-a-long Bell!

It is positively scrumptious to see you all again!


Yoggle and his friends are back, and on the road to Edinburgh once more! We are just full of excitement. We have a new cast and new crew with some familiar faces.

We would like to thank everyone who helped to get us there last year (we know some of you are waiting on full recognition of your contributions – please accept our humblest, bumblest, scrumblest apologies – we got caught up with a snargleblaster and have only just tussled free!).

Sprang-tip-Cloom is all a twitter with the new littleoms finding their way to school. Poor Mrs Clogglebog is having a difficult time with the new jiggly, squiggly littleoms. Momjoms and Domjoms are hard at work dusting down their fragglebiters in preparation for the new visitors to Sprang-tip-Cloom, Biggle and Giggle are ringing the Bong-a-long Bell so hard the handle has almost come off! Deep underground we can hear a distant