Our packers for the show

Here are introductions from our fabulous packing team. They will be responsible for packing our set,props, costumes, puppets, tents and bags and getting them safely to Edinburgh (from Oxfordshire) and setting up our set, props and costumes every day and putting them away safely at the end. They are also in charge of repairing and maintaining set, props and costumes while we are at the Fringe. The team is made up of four Production Arts students from Abingdon and Witney College (where Yoggle is based), each with their own areas of responsibility.

Hello, my name is Craig. I am one of the set packers taking Yoggle to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I am looking forwards to going to Edinburgh and the experience it will give me.

As a set packer I am tasked with making sure that all of the set and props are ready and sorted out for the show, this includes making sure that they are put away after the shows and fixing anything that gets broken.

So far it has been light work for the people work with the set, but now that we are getting close to the show, we are now starting to bring things together.

Hi, my name is Eleanor and I’m a member of the “packing” team on Yoggle and the Wonderful Waterfall. My job is to ensure all props and set are looked after and packed away at the end of each show so that they are not lost or broken as well as making sure they’re safe for transportation up to the Fringe Festival .

I went with Yoggle to the Fringe last year as an ASM (Assistant Stage Manager). It’s a very handmade show; everything is made from scratch. All the designs have been thought up by students so, when you see all the props and the staging, you can see the heart and creativity that has gone into making this show happen. Yoggle isn’t just a kids’ story or a puppet show, it teaches some really important life lessons, that you can make friends wherever you go and it means a lot to me to be able to educate the next generation about these lessons through this show.

This year there is a lot less to prepare for the show as all props and set were constructed last year. But some of the props need a little bit of a revamp and a new lick of paint so my team and I are going to be spending our time in the lead up to the show making all the props look like new again. We are also re-organising our packing system so we can efficiently get all the props and set in the van to transport it all the way up to Edinburgh ready for round two at the Fringe.


Hi, my name is Fabiolla. I am a packer for Yoggle this year. As we are travelling from College to the Edinburgh Fringe our packing team is focused on getting the set, camping equipment, props and puppets there safely. My main responsibility is puppets but I work with the rest of the packing team to make sure everything is working, packed away after each show and accounted for. I have to watch out for any damaged puppets and make sure they get repaired before the next performance.

We’re currently working on redesigning and remaking some of the props and puppets from last year. I’m really enjoying my time as part of the Yoggle team and I think it’s a really great show. One thing I’m finding difficult is the language. I’ve never worked on a show like this before; a lot of the words for things in the show are made up so it’s difficult to know what things are. It’s incredibly fun and entertaining and made simple with a little help from the cast and crew from last year explaining things. I’m looking forward to putting on a great show and going to the Fringe.

It’s pretty simple really Fab – as long as you do not confuse your congflibberers with your hob-jobbers and your hodgehugs from you dangly-bangly vines you’ll do fine!


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