A bit about our lovely Momjom and Domjom

Momjom is the mother of our fabled protagonist Yoggle.  She is a caring, kind character with great maternal instincts and is always looking out for young Yoggle’s best interests. As an omjom, much like our Yoggle, she is a cute fluffy thing but not quite a small. Domjom is Yoggle’s dad he makes slip-gissets and hom-gobblers in Sprang-tip-Cloom. He loves his mooly-milk in the morning. He finds Yoggle’s antics to be difficult to control but loves him more then wobwaffes.

Here is a word from the puppeteer for Momjom – Josh Ramli (Level 3, Yr 2, Production Arts)

When operating Momjom, I originally found it difficult to move her arms freely as the operating fingers are the little finger and thumb. I discovered that minimal use of the legs (operated with index and middle finger) would allow more freedom to move her arms. I have also come to the conclusion that she is a bubbly Omjom, and therefore a lot of her movement relies on jumping around.


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