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A bit about our lovely Momjom and Domjom

Momjom is the mother of our fabled protagonist Yoggle.  She is a caring, kind character with great maternal instincts and is always looking out for young Yoggle’s best interests. As an omjom, much like our Yoggle, she is a cute fluffy thing but not quite a small. Domjom is Yoggle’s dad he makes slip-gissets and hom-gobblers in Sprang-tip-Cloom. He loves his mooly-milk in the morning. He finds Yoggle’s antics to be difficult to control but loves him more then wobwaffes.

Here is a word from the puppeteer for Momjom – Josh Ramli (Level 3, Yr 2, Production Arts)

When operating Momjom, I originally found it difficult to move her arms freely as the operating fingers are the little finger and thumb. I discovered that minimal use of the legs (operated with index and middle finger) would allow more freedom to move her arms. I have also come to the conclusion that she is a bubbly Omjom, and therefore a lot of her movement relies on jumping around.


A bit about Yoggle

Yoggle is an omjom who lives in Sprang-tip-Cloom with his Momjom and Domjom. He loves playing with his friends, swinging along the dangley bangley vines and playing in the River Moom. Yoggle’s favourite thing to do by far though is eating as many wob waffles as he can!

Here are some words from the three operators of Yoggle – Trevor Williams, Scott Glover and Danny Owen about what it is like to be on such a big adventure!

Hi, I’m Trevor. I’m a First Year Performing Arts student at Abingdon and Witney College and this is my first time going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival but last year I was involved with the production in Abingdon. This show is an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to co-play the part of Yoggle! See all you spag-hazards at the Fringe!


Hi, I am Scott. I am a First Year Production Arts student. I was in the production of Yoggle and the Wonderful Waterfall last year when I played the role of the Wife. This year I am returning, now playing the role of Yoggle himself, with Trevor and Danny. I look forward to playing Yoggle since he is a happy, energetic, and bouncy character.


Hi, my name is Danny; I am a First Year Level 3 Production Arts student. I play the part of one part of Yoggle! I am very excited to play Yoggle, because he is fun and energetic just like me – in rehearsals I’m allowed to be as hyper as I want. I am looking forward to learn puppeteering skills and about kids’ theatre.

Cringlecave City

During his adventure, our young Yoggle falls down Flappity Falls and ends up in Cringlecave City – the city under the waterfall. It is the home of the underbunglers who love to sing as it’s the best way to communicate in the vast underground network that Cringlecave is made up of. It is directly below Sprang-tip-Cloom, separated by miles and miles of rock, along with many hidden pathways and staircases.  It ends up being Yoggle’s home for twenty-seven and a half Gumbo-joggings.