Monthly Archives: July 2016


We have all been practising singing for the two songs featured in Yoggle and the Wonderful Waterfall. Since many of the cast have not performed before this has been challenging. We have all worked very hard learning our parts.


Domjom has been sitting on his swingy-wingy seat playing his fugmug flute to accompany us!

Momjom and Domjom relaxing on their swingy-wings seat

Nearly half way there

We are nearly half way there on the Kickstarter. Fantaberous bap! With 15 days to go we have £530 to raise. We need a few more generous muzzle-munchers, underbunglers, omjoms and glargleplasterers to help us fulfil our dream and go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Yoggle picture 6 - cropped.png