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Yoggle preppy proppy time!

Hi, I am Eleanor, I am the ASM for Yoggle. The ASM or Assistant Stage Manager for a show is in charge of props among other things. These are just a few props from the show
We started by doing a read through of the script and noting down any props that came up. It was quite hard to determine what things were props as there are a lot of nonsense words within the script. And I then had to split the props up into groups as some were everyday little props that didn’t evolve being massively creative in the designing process but there were other props that we had to be really creative with and come up with designs.

B 1
For example I made LOTS of broccoli. Which are used a lot as the character Professor Von SpongeBungler who desperately tries to create machines and inventions to make life better down in the CringleCave City, but sadly just ends up with inventions that create broccoli so there’s lots of it needed.

And these little clog cakes for Yoggle to share with his Momjom and Domjom.
These are examples of slightly more unusual props that I made for the show:

This is the shooky-looky shrub. This is used in scenes when Yoggle is floating along the River Moom,Shookey-lookey shrub
it marks the point at which he should get back onto the river bank or he will fall down Flappity Falls.

It is made from chicken wire that I sculpted into a pill shape; I then weaved green wool around it and added some multicoloured wool so that it was not just the green that most shrubs or bushes are since Sprang-tip-Cloom is a colourful place. I then found a thin green stick and attached it to the shooky-looky shrub, so it can now be easily manoeuvred and Yoggle can actually be placed on it and moved around whilst sitting on top of it.

vine 3
To the right is the dangley-bangley vine which is made up of a lot of plaited green & multicoloured wool which is over 2 metres long and some sewed and leaf shaped patches of random pieces of patterned fabric. The dangly- bangly vines are how all the littleoms get about Sprang-tip-Cloom.



This is an ooey-gooey bush:

The original ooey- gooey bush (turquoise) looked like this but I realised it needed a lot more volume and needed to be bigger in general. So I went back to the drawing board and made of chicken wire inner structure much bigger and lumpier. I then stuck tissue paper to it and then painted it pink. I sadly don’t have a picture of the completed ooey-gooey bush but it has tinsel, baubles, bottle caps and spiral shaped pieces of wire stuck onto the outer of the ooey-gooey bush. It also has a platform which the whole structure is sat on which then had wheels so it can be moved around.

This is a fan and it is a prop that The Wife uses. The windows have tissue paper behind them so when you shine a torch through, they light up. (as demonstrated on the right)


Our First Preview…

We had a great time performing the first two parts of Yoggle and the Wonderful Waterfall to our friends at Abingdon & Witney College last month. We wanted to see how a varied audience reacted to the themes and content of our amazing found puppetry show. The feedback that we received from the feedback forms was incredible, we have a few good pointers and areas that we will be developing further to ensure that the final production of the show is the best it can be.

We were even more excited to perform our first showing of Yoggle to the author of Yoggle, Ben Lawson, and to some of our very first patrons of the show, Mark and Naomi Iliff and the Senior Management Team of Abingdon & Witney College. We are all so grateful and overwhelmed by the support we have received, with taking Yoggle to the Edinburgh Fringe.

The best part of this production process so far has been the non-stop collaborative fun and enjoyment that three creative departments have brought to this new production. Backstage Production students have worked alongside Performing Arts and Art & Design students from the Abingdon & Witney College TOCA (The Oxfordshire Creative Academy) faculty; a true testimony to what can be achieved when links are made with other creative departments.

Here are a few photos from the incredible afternoon, take a look and explore the wonderful world of our small omjom friend Yoggle. We can’t wait to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe this August!